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The Zonta International Convention is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fellowship by connecting with members from around the world.  Members who have attended Convention in the past will tell you that they have made lasting friendships at Convention while learning more about Zonta International and it’s efforts to advance the status of women worldwide.  Make your plans now to attend the 2018 Zonta International Convention in Yokohama, Japan. 

Zonta International Convention

The monthly meetings and other activities of the Zonta Club of Arlington Area are planned with both fellowship and education in mind.  Programs are planned with the objective of informing members on topics of interest in the local, national and international community.  In addition to local meetings, the club and club members raise funds and participate in Zonta conferences, workshops and conventions. 

District 3 Conferences and Workshops

District 3 comprises portions of New York (including New York City and Long Island), all of New Jersey, part of Pennsylvania, and all of Virginia, Maryland and the DIstrict of Columbia.  The District conducts a conference at least once a biennium, and area meetings and workshops at least once annually.  Conferences and workshops are a great way to network and connect with other Zontians.    

White House Christmas Ornament

SInce the 1980’s the Zonta Club of Arlington Area has sold White House Christmas ornaments to support our projects and programs.

Wine Seminar

The Zonta Club of Arlington Area has held an annual Wine Seminar for almost a decade.  It has been a highly successful fundraiser.  In addition to wine tasting and food pairings, we hold a silent auction.  All club members are involved in making the event a success, and the proceeds of this event are used for the benefit of the local, national and international causes.
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