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Membership in Zonta International and the Zonta Club of Arlington Area is by invitation only. We are an international women’s service organization dedicated to advancing the status of women locally and globally. Membership is a responsibility that requires time, resources, and financial commitments. Membership is open to executives or professionals in recognized business, institution, or professional occupation. They must be working at least 50 percent of a normal week and willing to support the objectives of Zonta. Member classification is based on occupations and the Zonta classification system which is based on the International Standard Classification of Occupations. We invite you to attend and participate in our dinner meetings, fund raisers, and special activities. This will allow you to get to know our dynamic members and assess your interest and eligibility in Zonta. The better you get to know us (and we get to know you) the better you can assess if Zonta is a best fit for you. As a member, you are responsible for regularly attending club and relevant committee meetings. You must pay all dues, fees, and assessments promptly. You will be called upon to serve in leadership roles and give your time, talent, and enthusiasm to the organization. You are also responsible for identifying and recommending prospective new members. As time and resources allow, you are encouraged to also attend area, district, and international meetings, workshops, conferences, and conventions. We are an active service organization in Arlington and are committed to making a difference in the status of women in our community. The membership process is very straightforward. The membership committee reviews your application and determines if you meet the eligibility requirements. The committee then forwards the application for review and approval at the next monthly board meeting. If no member protests or questions your eligibility, you will be mailed a letter inviting you to join our club. If you have any questions about Zonta, please feel free to contact our membership chairman at membership@zontaarlingtonarea.org We are dedicated to ensuring your membership in Zonta is a mutually rewarding experience both now and in the future. The following information gives a summary of what Zonta International is and what the Zonta Club of Arlington Area does.
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